Be a Leader: How to Set and Achieve Team Goals [Infographic]

“Your team can’t achieve a goal it doesn’t know about.”

As a young professional, goal setting may already be an important aspect of your career. In fact, the setting of achievable yet challenging goals may have lead you to where you are today.

Now that you’re there, though, you may have noticed those around you aren’t as goal-oriented as you. Members of your team may be so busy doing their day-to-day chores that they fail to keep in mind the overall mission. They may have lost sight of what it will take to complete that mission, or why it matters.

We have a name those who feel this way at work, who have identified that team goals are going unfulfilled, even unnoticed:


With or without the title, or permission, if you are ready to help your team set and achieve goals, you are a leader. You’re ready to inspire those around you to do more… and do it better. You’re ready to take control.

But maybe you need a little help? Which is why we’re happy to have discovered this infographic from Workboard about setting and achieving team goals. Here, you’ll find affirmation about the importance of setting goals, why sometimes those goals fail, and how you as a leader – formal or informal – can inspire those around you to keep the big goals front and center.

Take a look… and then take the next step in your career… by becoming a goal setter, an achiever, and a leader!


How to Set Goals infographic



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