How to Choose a Profession That Fits Your Personality

Choose a Day in the Life“Choose a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

That’s a saying almost anyone trying to find the best career for them has heard before. It could also be said that if you choose a profession that suits your personality, you will also be able to enjoy better job satisfaction and work-life balance too.

Read on to find out how to match your career with your personality!

What Don’t You Like?

People often associate career choices with what they love. But, sometimes, it’s thinking about what really gets under your skin that can help give you the clarity you need to make your decision. No matter how much someone loves beauty and fashion, if they’re not a people person, they may find that they loathe a job like being a hairdresser or makeup stylist where you spend your day chatting while you work.

While there will be frustrating parts of any role, workplace or career, you’re setting yourself up for failure if there are significant clashes between everyday parts of your job and your pet peeves. When you’re balancing out your dislikes with your likes, make sure you take it beyond hobbies. Do you like structure and routine or do you prefer things to be a little more spontaneous? Do you like being outside for long periods or does the thought of it make you cringe?

What Do Others Think?

Are your friends or family always telling you “you’d make a great” something or other? They may be onto something. Those closest to you often know your strengths, weaknesses and pressure points better than anyone else – sometimes even more than you do – so chatting to your loved ones about what they can see you doing can be a great starting point for your research. Once you’ve canvassed your own network, make an appointment with a careers counsellor too.

What Type of Training Will You Need?

It’s important to also consider how getting any necessary qualifications will fit in with your lifestyle and the methods of learning that suit you best. How you choose to complete your studies can have an impact on how well you perform in your course and, subsequently, in your career.

Whether you’re looking to obtain a general qualification like a Diploma of Business or set yourself up to work in a particular industry like IT or hospitality, more and more institutions, such as Evocca College, are providing tailored and flexible education solutions that give each student the ability to attain their desired qualifications, no matter what their circumstances are.

You spend far too much time at work for you not to enjoy your job. Most people are fairly accepting of the fact that every role has its own unique positives and negatives, but if the position isn’t a good fit for you, the things you don’t like are often amplified. Passion is one way to ensure you’ll have a better chance of loving what you do and personality may also be the key to long term job compatibility and satisfaction.

Do you think your career suits your personality? What personality type/career matches have you found work or don’t work? Comment with your thoughts below.


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