How Do Employers Screen Candidates on Social Media? [Infographic]

We’re well into the Social Age, and many job seekers are leveraging social networks to develop personal brands, job hunt and build their careers.

Yet many job seekers haven’t taken the time to thoroughly understand how all all this works from the other side; they haven’t considered how employers and recruiters use social media to source, screen and hire.

To help job seekers gain the knowledge required to compete well, Reppler surveyed 300 people directly involved with hiring about how they use social media to screen applicants. With an assist from Klucid, they created this thorough infographic that shows the results of that important survey, including:

  • 69% of those surveyed have rejected a candidate for what they saw about them on social media
  • 68% of them hired a candidate in part because of their online presence
  • 47% admitted to screening a candidate right after receiving their application

To learn more about how recruiters are using social media to create a perception of you – well before they ever talk to you – keep reading…


Infographic 4



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