Take Your LinkedIn Profile from Boring to Recruiter Friendly

Recruiter FriendlyBy this point, your LinkedIn profile is complete, or well on the way. You’ve filled out the profile requirements and made sure your LinkedIn presence is professional; perhaps even polished.

But can you say your profile is recruiter-friendly?

It’s a great idea to invest some time in optimizing your LinkedIn profile specifically for employers, because many companies use a tool called LinkedIn Recruiter to search for candidates via keywords, location, industry and a number of other parameters. (I know this because I was a recruiter for a number of years, and LinkedIn Recruiter and I were BFFs.)

Here’s how to take your LinkedIn profile from boring to recruiter-friendly – and stand out from 300+ million of other LinkedIn profiles:

An Instantly Impressive Headline

You have 120 characters to craft a headline that provides a unique professional description, so use them wisely!

Specifically: construct your headline so it demonstrates exactly who you want to be next, not what you are now.

When it comes to SEO (search engine optimization), your headline is the most critical component of your LinkedIn profile; in fact, it’s the most highly rated field in the index. What does this mean? Keywords listed in the headline field will have a greater impact, increasing your ranking among other users for the same terms. As an example, consider the following headlines:

  • “Operations Associate”
  •  “Operations Associate – Manager of High-Growth Thermo-printing Division”

The second version provides more keyword detail, a sense of accomplishment and a clearer explanation of the job. Simply put: you have a much better chance of being found and being impressive.

A Summary That Tells a Story

Yes, this space is used to highlight your background, major accomplishments, and your goals using the terms and phrases most common to your industry and role; it must be keyword rich.

Just as important, though: be sure – in first person and in an easy-to-read (or better yet, easy to scan) format – tell a brief story about why you love what you do or why you want to do something new. This is the best possible way to stand out and make recruiters want to meet you!

Descriptive Job Titles

By listing all your previous jobs, internships, volunteer work and special projects, you will create more shared opportunities to connect. Why? Because each title is another opportunity to be found.

If your exact job title doesn’t describe exactly what you did in terms commonly associated with your industry or your next job or career, write a brief summary of what you accomplished, the impact of your work – and perhaps how that work makes you a better candidate for your next role.

A Diverse Set of Recommendations

The single best way to build credibility and stand out to recruiters on LinkedIn: third-party recommendations.

Be sure to collect a diverse set of recommendations – at least one, preferably more – for each job. Don’t be shy: ask for recommendations from managers, colleagues, vendors, professors, and mentors. And don’t be afraid of letting everyone know in advance the skills and aspects of your career you would like emphasized most.

It only takes a few minutes to make these changes to your LinkedIn profile, and just a bit longer than that to collect an impressive set of recommendations. Get to work now, and your profile will become recruiter-friendly in no time!


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