What Really Happens When You Submit a Resume Online

You find your dream job online. You know you’re a perfect fit for this company. You submit a carefully crafted resume exactly as requested. Now, the magic happens… right?

Well, maybe not.

This infographic from the Wall Street Journal shows us exactly what happens after your resume is submitted the old-school way (through a job board, the organization’s career site, etc.) And the picture isn’t pretty…

  • Just 1 in 10 job seekers complete the application process correctly
  • Only 25% of the 100 resumes considered will make it past the Applicant Track System (ATS)
  • 4 to 6 applicants will be invited to an initial interview (usually a phone or video interview)
  • 1 to 3 applicants, out of the initial 1,000 that saw this opportunity online, are invited to a face-to-face interview

What can we learn from this less-than-encouraging outlook?

Other than the obvious – that a job search dependent on old-school job boards isn’t a high-percentage play – we can learn that in the Social Age we must network our way into our dream jobs. More specifically, so we can circumvent this broken hiring system: we must build relationships with those already working for the companies on our target list.

Leave the job-board-ATS-resume-black-hole game to your competition… while you go become an enthusiastic employee referral!


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