15 Tips and Tools to Jump-Start Your Job Search

JumpstartNeed a job or internship and don’t know where to start? Job search going a little slower than you anticipated?

To go from unemployed to a great gig in just a few short weeks, leverage these 15  tips, tools and strategies –  ranging from old-school to Social Age – we know work in today’s job market:

  1. Dedicate a specific timeslot each day to your job search; make your job search… your job!
  2. Once you’ve exhausted your search for job leads, dedicate time to networking on social media (Twitter chats are amazing)
  3. Always cater your resume to each specific job description and company
  4. Write a catchy cover letter that concisely states how your key traits and abilities will help the company
  5. Don’t stop your search when you land an interview; keep looking until you accept a job offer
  6. Stand out from the pack by sending a “thank you” note or email to the interviewer after the interview
  7. If you’re not hired, ask the interviewer for feedback; what you could have done better?
  8. Use LinkedIn Groups and Publisher to connect with employers and recruiters and to demonstrate your expertise
  9. Consistently share relevant posts by influencers on all social media channels (you never know which platform a recruiter is using to check you out)
  10. Schedule as many as three informational interviews per week (many lead directly to new mentor relationships, even job offers)
  11. Never stop learning; take a course or become certified to keep your skill set fresh
  12. Use Google Calendar to track your most important interviews, mentor meetings and informational interviews
  13. Download Todoist to help keep track of commitments, follow-up items and critical tasks (bonus: Todoist interfaces through gmail)
  14. Create Google Alerts to monitor job news feeds and keywords relevant to your industry or role
  15. Use a job search site like JobTonic to find jobs quickly and easily (don’t forget to sign up for notifications of new job listings)

You have a lot of opportunities available to you. Get organized. Stay committed. Use these tips and tools… And get that job or internship!


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Will ThomsonAbout the Author: Will Thomson has been in recruitment and sales for 20 years and currently serves as the Global Sales and Marketing Recruiter for Rosetta Stone. Will received his undergraduate from The University of Mississippi, and his Master’s Degree from St. Edward’s University in Austin.

Will writes bi-monthly for Blogging4jobs and RecruitingDaily and monthly for The Recruiters Lounge. He is also a featured blogger and on the editorial committee for RecruitingBlogs and he has guest blogged regularly for Social-Hire and Work4Labs.



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