LinkedIn Vs. Facebook: Which Platform Works Best for Professionals?

We all seem to migrate towards LinkedIn as the professional network, right? Better connections, we assume. More sharing of valued content, perhaps. Certainly more experienced professionals than the “college students” we find on Facebook.

And then comes along this infographic from Brighton School of Business and Management that makes us rethink the whole LinkedIn vs. Facebook debate. Consider these data points:

  • Facebook has 4x the number of users than LinkedIn
  • Facebook has 25 million business pages; LinkedIn has 4 million
  • The percentage of people over 35 on Facebook is 80%; on LinkedIn it is just 66%

Take a close look at the infographic, and then ask yourself:

  1. Is it time I saw Facebook as something more than a “personal” network?
  2. As I build my brand, reputation and career… can I leverage Facebook just as much as LinkedIn?
  3. Since recruiters are checking me out on Facebook anyway, should I alter my posting strategy to include more career related content?

(Spoiler alert: the answers are: 1. Yes 2. Yes 3. YES!)

LI vs FB



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