The One Job Interview Question That Blows Recruiters Away

The One Job Interview QuestionSimple. Straightforward. Non-specific. Not even particularly exciting. And yet this is the one question that blows recruiters away during a job interview:

“How does this role contribute to the success of the company?”

Why is this question so powerful? Simply put: it kills two birds… it simultaneously talks about both the position and the organization’s goals! It forces the recruiter to think past their standard blah-blah-blah answers and think about this role in this company.

The Questions You Ask Count

The types of questions you ask during the interview reveal a lot about you as a candidate. Are you interested in the company past compensation and benefits, for example?

Asking this question will demonstrate that you care about adding value to the organization. By asking this one question, you will convince the interviewer that you are engaged… that you want know exactly how you can help the company in addition to yourself.

What Does the Interviewer’s Response Tell You?

How the interviewer shapes his or her answer can tell you a lot about what the role encompasses, what the company prioritizes and what you can expect working there.

Many hiring managers will talk about how the day-to-day responsibilities will help drive company efforts on the whole. From this you can glean how you would fit into the bigger picture. If the interviewer talks about future projects or business goals, then you can better understand what strategies the company is taking to grow the business. The answer will also reveal what the company is focusing on. If you find those business goals to be interesting, then you will feel more fulfilled by your work and more aligned with the direction of the company.

The interviewer’s answer should also give insight into how important this position to the mission of the company… or not.

If the role requires you to manage full teams, products or processes you can assume it’s a high-impact role that may involve more pressure but more recognition. If the position has one specific function, perhaps it’s a lower-impact role with more mundane work but better work-life balance.

Either way you can take that answer… and use it to help decide whether the role is right for you.

This Question Means Quality Follow-up

Once you have a strong understanding of the role and have determined this position is a good match, you can confidently create a compelling follow-up email that will, again, blow the recruiter away.

Specifically, you’ll use the interviewer’s answer to craft your follow up, focusing on the points that the interviewer brought up and exactly how you’ll fill that role and move the company mission forward. If they talked about driving sales or cultivating brand awareness, for example, you would reiterate your perfectly relevant experience, skills and the impact you made at previous employers.

In short, you would confirm that you are a great fit for both the role and the company!

At your next job interview, ask this one simple question… and see how long it takes for the recruiter to be impressed!


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