10 Resume Mistakes Job Seekers Must Avoid [Infographic]

Everyone thinks their resume is top-notch… everyone’s confidence level is high when they hit the ‘Send’ button. And yet recruiters and employers will tell you that 80 to 90% of the resumes they receive are not written well… and end up in the digital trash can.

But how do we know which mistakes are made most often? Where’s our checklist of mistakes to avoid?

Our answer: this infographic from recruitment specialists Armstrong. Here, you’ll see the 10 mistakes you must avoid on your resume (or “CV” as it is widely known in the United Kingdom). From writing too much, to listing bland duties instead focusing on achievement, and the use of cliches to make your point… it’s all in here!

Take a look, and then make your resume one that recruiters and employers don’t want to delete!

10 Resume CV Mistakes



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