Do Recruiters See “Social Proof” in Your LinkedIn Profile?

HamburgerChances are good that before you made your last major purchase, or ate in that new restaurant, that you looked online to see the ratings of the product or the reviews from other diners.

What you found online – what others say about a product or brand – is called “social proof”. Whether it’s a hamburger, a computer, or even a new accountant, we are all looking for information (including social proof) to help us make our decisions.

Same is true for recruiters. They, too, are looking for social proof.

And while it isn’t as simple as earning a 4.7 rating like your favorite restaurant on Yelp or TripAdvisor, it is important that you back up what you say about your personal brand!

And not just in the obvious LinkedIn sections – recommendations and Skills and the Endorsements that attach to them. These are very important places to show social proof, but there are some other great ways to share positive ratings and reviews about you and your company.

Here, exclusively on LinkedIn, are some great ways to offer recruiters social proof:

Professional Portfolio

There are lots of ways to use this add-on Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 5.17.08 PMto your Summary, Job Experience or Educational sections. You can share video testimonials, traditional written customer recommendations, case studies, and success stories.


This is a good spot to include case studies or success stories, and you can link to web pages that include more details. You can also identify other LinkedIn members who were involved in a project and include a link to their LinkedIn profiles.

Status Updates

Periodically share links in your status updates to case studies, success stories, and articles that highlight your capabilities. Share a post from your favorite bloggers, or to a post you’ve written. Or start a discussion about an important issue in your industry.

Published Post

This new feature is now available to all members. You can display a long-form article, including an embedded video. This is perfect for highlighting customer testimonials and case studies. These will permanently show up near the top of your profile.

Honors & Awards

If you’ve got them, flaunt them. Recruiters see success, and assume your success will continue while working for them.

CScreen Shot 2014-12-15 at 5.17.20 PMurrent Job Experience Section

Make this section pop by extracting a short quote from a recommendation and highlight awards you’ve received.


Provide links to white papers you’ve written or co-written, articles that mention you or links to articles you’ve written. Any online resource that displays your experience, passion, awards and honors is perfect for this section.


Especially in occupations or industries where certifications are required or preferred, this section provides great social proof because recruiters can see in a quick scan that you meet a certain level of proficiency and-or are diligently keeping up with industry standards and expectations.

So why not get busy and take advantage of these opportunities? It may not lead to that 4.7 score as easily as Yelp… but it just may lead to a phone call or email from your next employer!


For this post, YouTern thanks our friends at Power Formula!


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Wayne Breitbarth AuthorAbout the Author: Wayne Breitbarth is the CEO of Power Formula LLC. He is an experienced businessman, speaker and author who has shared his passion for social media with 40,000+ business professionals through private business consulting and dynamic presentations to audiences including Inc. Magazine, the American Marketing Association, and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Wayne is the author of the best-selling book The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success. Connect with Wayne on Twitter.

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