Here’s Exactly Why You Aren’t Getting Hired [Infographic]

You worked so hard on your resume. Your online presence is impeccable. But the phone isn’t exactly ringing off the hook; you just can’t seem to land a job interview. Why?

This infographic from Bullhorn gives us some insight into what, in the eyes of a recruiter, may be stopping you from getting your next gig. From job hopping, to long-term unemployment – even your age – can have an impact on how you are perceived by employers.

So if you are a job-hopping, recently-unemployed twenty-something should you just give up? Of course not! But you do need to proactively counter these objections in your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile. After all, a sincere story can offset almost any preconceived notion about your employability.

Take a look, and then review your career marketing materials. What do you need to change?


Why Arent You Getting Hired



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