This is Exactly How You Sell YOU to Employers

valueHere’s a trend that just won’t go away: job seekers unable to communicate their top skill sets and real value. When it matters most, they are unable to answer this important question:

“What do you bring to the table that’s unique, and why would we benefit from hiring you?”

If you can’t articulate your value proposition… you can’t sell you to an employer.

It is your skill set, experience, education, training – and usually a combination of all of the above – that makes you stand out. How you apply that value to the needs of a specific organization is your “unique value proposition.”

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In my case: I leverage 10 years of HR experience and strong communication skills to write resumes.

That is what I do.

What I’m really selling, though, the is ability to help a job seeker tap into their core skills. I enable them to gain a clear understanding of how to position themselves in a way that appeals to the needs of hiring managers and secures job interviews at their target companies far more frequently than their job seeking competition.

That is my value.

Since so many job seekers struggle communicating their skill sets and value, I’ve created a list of prompts to jog their inner strategist; a way to put some ideas on paper. As you begin to create your unique value proposition, use any and all of these prompts as they apply to you. At first, don’t worry about precise wording; this exercise is more about getting the big ideas down and then refining them from there.

My work experience, education and skill set has:

  • Allowed me to __________________.
  • Resulted in savings of __________________.
  • Resulted in an increase of __________________.
  • Enabled me to create __________________.
  • Set me up for / to ____________________.
  • Taught me __________________.
  • Instilled in me __________________.
  • Provided me with a thorough understanding of __________________.
  • Created a niche expertise in __________________.
  • Given me the unique ability to __________________.

Once you’ve filled in the blanks, the next step is to determine how best to articulate your unique value proposition for each employer. To do that, you must isolate three key elements:

  1. The best possible audience for your message
  2. The problem they are trying to solve; exactly what they want or need
  3. How to leverage your skills and talents to fill that want or need

Now, take another look at my value statement, use that as an emulation point, and create your own!

The experience, education and knowledge you’ve gained so far is important; it is what you do. It is your answers to these prompts and how you apply them to each potential employer, however, that will help you effectively communicate your value.

Take all the time you need, because these are the things that will help you… sell you… to your next employer!


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DanaAbout the Author: Dana Leavy founded Aspyre Solutions, focusing on small business development and career consulting. Her mission is to support creative and socially-conscious small businesses, through career transition coaching and business consulting for creative professionals and entrepreneurs.

Dana has helped hundreds of professionals in advertising, marketing, design and other industries execute effective career plans to find and DO the work they are passionate about. She has presented seminars on navigating careers, transition and work-life balance to several colleges and universities, and her advice has been featured on MSN Careers, Fox Business News, NewsDay,, GlassDoor and Follow Dana on Twitter!



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