The Chasm That Exists Between Candidates and Employers [Infographic]

Where do employers find candidates today? How well does college prepare young careerists for the workforce? What skills are most in demand?

This infographic, build upon data collected by a national survey of job seekers and HR professionals by and Millennial Branding, shows us exactly what hiring managers are looking for when searching for candidates today. It also shows where disconnects occur between employers and the job candidates running off to join the workforce.

Take a look, and then maybe think about your current job search strategy: Are you emphasizing the right skills? Is your branding readily available where employers look for top candidates? Should you talk a little more about your potential impact on an organization, and less about your education?

The answers, and hints on how best to close the chasm that exists between you and the employers looking for you, are in here…


Running Off to Join the Workforce

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