The 5 Deadly Sins of the Social Age Job Search

Whether it has been 10 weeks or 10 months since you’ve looked for a new job or internship, you’re likely finding it to be a much different (and much harder experience) than you expected.

You’ve adapted, adjusted and compromised. You’ve done everything in your power to learn about the Social Age job hunt. Still, you’re hearing crickets – and you are getting nervous.

Maybe your job search isn’t quite as bad as it seems, however. Maybe you just need to tweak a few things to get it moving again. Perhaps you’re committing one of the six job search deadly sins:

Hiding Behind Your Computer (Instead of Talking to People)

If you truly know everything about this new world of job hunting, but are still hearing crickets and not your phone ringing (or inbox filling up with interview requests), then something is off.

And chances are that you have fallen into the same trap as many other job hunters do when it comes to using online tools for the job hunt – they forget to talk to people. Or, they think they don’t have to talk to people because social media will take care of it.

Even though there are a ton of online tools to help you with your job search the facts still remain: you need to take action to get anywhere. This includes reaching out to hiring managers (not only HR and search firm recruiters) directly, attending networking events or following up with individuals within and outside your network.

Even in the Social Age, it is personal relationships are what get people hired, not social media views.

You Think Views, Likes and Shares Will Result in a Job Offer

Social media will not land you a job. It is a tool to be used to help you find the right opportunity and to have opportunity find you.

Social media is a branding tool, not a job searching tool!

Simply “being on LinkedIn or Ello” will not land you a new job…you have to work these tools to generate opportunity. Passive communication alone does not result in job offers. In fact, it’s in your best interest to combine both online and offline marketing strategies to yield the best results.

Job Boards Alone Will Yield a Job Offer

Job boards, although the original form of a digital job search, simply will not yield a job offer alone. In fact, many companies don’t even post jobs on massive job boards. Instead, they are using social more and more to find good candidates, including those not currently looking for work.

Go where the recruiters go: Twitter chats, Facebook and Google+ communities and LinkedIn Groups. Once you contribute to the conversations, work to build relationships that will help you get a foot in the door.

You’ve Rewritten Your Resume, Cover Letter and Profile Ad Nauseam

There comes a point where there’s nothing else you can do with a resume or cover letter. It simply has to be good enough.

Perfection is the enemy of good.

Some people focus on the details a little too much as a way of subliminally avoiding taking action. The “never-ending resume tweak” is a form of procrastination that prevents the job seeker from putting themselves out there.

You’re Worried About Privacy

If you’re still worried about privacy in the Social Age, then – sorry – you may need to get with the times. It’s not that privacy isn’t important, it’s just that our lives are all already online anyway. No one is suggesting that you put your social security number online, of course; we must be prudent.

But realize for every privacy measure you take against possible bad events happening, are the same measures that keep good events from happening, too. That means potential contacts, relationships – and calls for interviews. Strive for the right balance.

Furthermore, recruiters want to know as much as they can about you before they hire you. It’s not just about skills anymore, it’s about the person.

Do any of these signs resonate with you? If yes, focus on solutions and results – and get the most out of your Social Age job search!


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Lisa RangelAbout the Author: Lisa Rangel is founder and managing director of Chameleon Resumes, a Forbes Top 100 Career Website, has helped hundreds of people land the exact job they wanted – even when they weren’t sure they would get an interview. Lisa is a 7-time certified resume writer and job search consultant, a former recruiter and one of the few executive resume writers performing resume and job search-related contract work for LinkedIn. She has been featured on, LinkedIn, Investors Business Daily, and so many more publications. Follow Lisa on Twitter!



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