Do You Still Believe These 10 Old-School Job Search Myths?

Job Search Fact or MythEveryone has their own job search strategy – some good, and some not so much. For all of us, though, there are some red flags we must be aware of – old-school strategies that have gone from commonplace… to the compost pile.

As you prepare for your job search, and work hard to stay on top of the latest hiring trends in your field, be aware of these ten job search myths:

1. You Must Accept Any Job Offer That Comes Your Way

In today’s job market, many young job seekers feel they need to accept what they can get. The truth is, Millennials need to be more selective in their job search because it will provide you with better opportunities that meet your career goals.

2. You Must Wait for Employers to Follow Up with You

The problem many job seekers face today is they are passive in their job search. Instead of following up with employers, they wait for hiring managers to make the first move. If you don’t hear back from an employer within seven to 10 days of when they said they’d contact you, then you should definitely send a follow-up email.

3. It’s Okay If Your Resume Exceeds One Page

It’s easy to think having a resume that’s multiple pages is completely acceptable for a job seeker. However, if you are fresh out of college, your resume should only be one page. Employers prefer concise resumes illustrating your strongest attributes. Unless you’ve been working in your industry for five or 10 years, there’s no reason to have a novel-length resume.

4. You Must Meet Every Qualification and Requirement

Many job seekers feel, if they don’t meet every requirement on a job posting, that they aren’t qualified to apply. Although most employers will pay attention to what you have to offer, it’s important to remember that you can sell employers by telling them you are eager to learn and can be easily trained.

5. If You Have an Internship, You’ll Find a Job

Although college students who did at least two internships are twice as likely to land a job as those who did one internship, you still have to work hard to land a job. Internships alone won’t land you a job. You have to network, build connections, and write a strong resume, too.

6. Your Job Search Is All About the Employer

There’s a common misconception that job seekers must only focus on an employer’s needs during their job search. Although this is an important element, job seekers must also focus on their own needs. This will lead you to better job opportunities and open more doors.

7. Networking Is All About Getting Help from Others

Wrong. Networking is supposed to be a two-way street for job seekers. Although 80 percent of jobs are found through networking, it can only be effective if you put in the work to build strong relationships. To build better relationships, it’s important to remember to help your connections, especially if they have helped you.

8. You Should Apply for as Many Jobs as Possible

While it might seem logical that, the more employers who have your resume, the more likely you’ll land a job, this myth actually hurts many job seekers during their search.

When you find yourself applying to hundreds of jobs, it’s more likely you’ll make a mistake on a resume or not take the time to customize your cover letter. If you want to be an effective job seeker, you need to focus on jobs you truly want.

9. You Shouldn’t Negotiate a Job Offer

Research shows nearly half of job seekers don’t bother to negotiate job offers during the hiring process. When you avoid negotiation or immediately accept job offers, you overlook the opportunity to receive a better job offer or higher salary.

10. You Only Need to Search Job Boards for Opportunities

Job seekers cannot depend on job boards alone for their job search. On average, employers receive about 250 resumes per job opening. If you want to stand out during your search, you’ll have to network with employers.

What are some other common job search myths job seeker should avoid? Please share in the comments below!


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