Your LinkedIn Profile Sucks… Here’s How to Fix That

Almost everyone, including college students and entry-level professionals, now realizes that a presence on LinkedIn is a mandatory element of career development. And more than ever, people are creating a LinkedIn profile.

Here’s the problem: most of those profiles… suck.

They are doing their owners more harm than good. Bad pictures (no, we don’t need to see your frat brothers or family!), poor headlines (you were a janitor at Universal Studios… ooooh!), writing in third person (which apparently only works for rappers and pro athletes), and so much more.

Because you’re competing for attention with another 300+ million users on LinkedIn, you MUST stand out from the crowd! And the best way to do that is by creating an amazing first impression with your profile. Thankfully, Link Humans is here to help with this infographic that lays out exactly how to build the perfect LinkedIn profile

Enjoy… and please share. After all, the world has already seen more than enough really bad profiles on LinkedIn.





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