10 Ways to Stand Out in a Social Media Job Search [Infographic]

Many believe social media has made the job search much easier. Others, however, believe social has made it much more difficult to stand out. After all, just how does an employer choose from so many “detail-oriented”, “hard-working”, “passionate” candidates that all sound the same?

To the rescue, with 10 excellent tips to help you stand out in on social media, comes this infographic from Reed – our job and career focused friends from across the pond. As you read, pay particular attention to these excellent pieces of advice:

  • What employers DO NOT want to see on your social media accounts
  • What employers DO want to see on your social or online resume
  • How you MUST focus on becoming referred to HR or the hiring manager by an existing employee

Include these tips in your job search strategy, and you are sure to stand out among the job seeking competition!


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