6 Game-Changing Trends in Today’s Job Search [Infographic]

Have you built a professional presence on social media? Do you have a personal website to display your passion and expertise? Do you frequently use mobile devices to keep up with your job search, potential employers and personal branding?

This infographic by job hunting and career management site CareerShift shares information on the impact of these compelling job search trends, and much more. As you can see, it’s time to raise your game a notch or two!


  • 95% of recruiters now research candidates online
  • 57% of those recruiters see a personal website as a critical job search tool, but only 7% of all job seekers have one
  • Employee referrals now account for 4 out of every 10 hires

Check out the full infographic below – and then develop your playbook with these game-changing job search trends in mind!


6 Game-Changing Job Search Trends



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