The 5 Best Job Interview Questions a Candidate Ever Asked

Raise Your HandSome of the best advice ever shared among job seekers: when in a job interview, interview the employer right back.

After all, you’re the one who is potentially going to fill this position. You need to know if this job at this company is a good fit for you, right?

Only one problem, though: Decidedly “me” questions about salary, benefits and work hours (while important details) aren’t appreciated by hiring managers until at least your second interview (or maybe even after they’ve made you an offer). At this point, they don’t want inquiries about parking validation; they want to see if you’re prepared, educated and inquisitive.

With that in mind, here are six best job interview questions that both impress the interviewer and lead to the type of answers that help you decide:

Do I want to work here?

1. If I Started Tomorrow, What Would Be My Top Priority?

The question: Shows you’re invested and interested in learning how you can start things off with a bang. The added bonus lies in the Jedi mind trick: now you’ve already got your interviewer picturing you as the position holder.

The answer: Provides you more insight into the current state of the position as well as the sense of urgency.

2. What Are the Top Two Traits Someone Needs to Excel at This Job?

The question: Allows you to feel out whether you’re going to be a good fit. Perhaps even more important, this question gets your interviewer to look past the paper resume and see you as an individual.

The answer: Is very telling. “Creative” and “intuitive” can be translated to mean you will be on your own, while “patient” and “collaborative” could mean the opposite.

3. What Improvements Do You Hope the New Hire Will Bring to This Position?

The question: Shows an employer you are eager to learn, improve, are accountable and want to fit in with the current team.

The answer: Sheds light on what might have made the last person lose (or leave) the job, and it also tips you off on the path to success.

4. This Company Prides Itself on X and Y. What Would You Say Is the Most Important Aspect of the Culture?

The question: Demonstrates that you know there is more to the hiring decision than just getting the job done; you must be a good fit withing the existing culture. Also hows you’ve done your research on the company.

The answer:  Gives you a chance to gain insight into what values are held to the highest ideal.

5. Do You Like Working Here?

The question: Turns the interview process into more of a conversation, rather than an interrogation. Regardless of their answer, employers appreciate getting a chance to reflect on their own opinions instead of following a lame script.

The answer: Will tell you everything you need to know about working here. A good sign is a confident smile and an enthusiastic “yes” paired with an explanation as to why. If they shift in their seat, look away, cough and start with “Well…”, consider that a huge red flag.

What other questions would you ask to wow an interviewer and results in an important answer for you?


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