How Do You Know If That Internship Will Turn Into a Job?

According to a study by NACE, internship to job conversion has risen to 51.2 percent. So, your internship is more likely to turn into a full-time job now, right? Well, maybe.

This interactive infographic depicts data from a new LinkedIn study about the correlation between students who do internships and how often those internships turn into full-time jobs.

What does this tell us? Clearly, some internships lead to more job opportunities than others – and some industries have more internship opportunities than others. Let’s take a look at what some of these industries, and internships, offer prospective interns:



Top-Right Quadrant: Internships Turn Into Jobs

If you’re an accounting intern, you’re in luck! A whopping 59 percent of accounting internships turn into full-time jobs. Plus, there are plenty of internships in this industry to go around.

Following closely behind are the computer networking and semiconductors industries at 47 and 40 percent intern retention, respectively.

Top-Left Quadrant: Many Internships, Few Turn Into Jobs

PR and communications majors, celebrate! This industry tops the charts in available internship opportunities, and though this industry crosses into the low end of intern retention, it’s not by too much.

Look at it like this: 61 out of every 1000 hires made in the PR/communications industry are interns, whereas, in the legal services industry, only 27 of every 1000 hires are interns.

Bottom-Right Quadrant: Few Internships, Many Turn Into Jobs

If you snag an internship in management consulting, computer software, or retail industry, treat it like a gem. Internships in these highly-competitive industries are harder to find, but when you do and perform well, it could be your ticket to a full-time offer.

Bottom-Left Quadrant: Few Intern Opportunities, Few Turn Into Jobs

If you’re in the education management or HR fields, you’re going to have to gain control of your internship search. Internships in these fields are hard to find and least likely to turn into full-time jobs afterward. If you have an internship in this industry, dive in and hold on!

You can’t control your industry’s stats, but you can influence your chances of being one of the lucky ones. After all, someone has to be part of the 20 percent of interns who get hired at nonprofit organizations full-time. Why not you?

Here are a few tips to help turn your internship into a full-time job:

  1. Be curious, teachable, alert and ready to work each day.
  2. Show you’re invested in the company beyond the daily job task.
  3. Show adaptability and other soft skills you may possess.
  4. Whenever possible, track the data that quantifies your work’s impact on the company — especially if you’re interning at a startup.
  5. When your term is up, leave a rockin’ internship departure letter. This could increase your chances of getting hired by the company in the future.

What are some other ways you can help turn your internship into a full-time job?


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