Are You Willing to Lie on Your Resume? [Infographic]

Most employees have lied on a resume at one point or another. In fact, up to 78% of applicants admit to submitting “misleading” resumes. And 84% of recruiters and hiring managers state they have come across fabricated facts on resumes.

So what’s the harm? Everybody does it. And when the job market is tough we need to make the tough decisions. Besides, a little white lie doesn’t hurt anyone. Right?

Except that little lie invariably becomes a big lie. And then bigger. And then once that lie comes to an employer’s attention (and between informal yet thorough inspections of social media accounts and stringent background checks, they almost always do!), 82% of them will terminate the dishonest employee.

For more interesting information regarding lies told on resumes, we share this infographic from The Economic Times. Some of the data is surprising. All of it will make you think twice about being dishonest when applying for your next job!


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Did You Lie on Your Resume



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