5 Ways to Take Control of Your Crazy Schedule

reneToo often it seems our hours and days hours guide us, rather than us guiding them. Our schedules are the master; we their abiding servants.

Not only does that arrangement not feel great and stop us from being as productive as we’d like, that scenario can’t go on forever. When your energy, needs, and-or desires aren’t aligned with your crazy schedule, you will crash and burn. Sooner, or later.

To help you avoid that crash (or even better, to stop the madness once and for all) here are some things that you can start doing right now to finally feel in control of your time.

1. Take Inventory

Get super clear on what’s going on in your day right now. If you already have an organized calendar, get clear on where your time is spent. If you don’t, spend the next few days keeping a time journal: write down everything you do and to the minute how long each task takes you. It may feel a bit tedious, but the results will astound you.

2. Identify What’s Not Working

Where is too much of your time being spent? What do you absolutely dread doing? What are the time wasters in your calendar? Make a note of all of these things and also jot down how much time you currently spend on all of them.

3. Write Down What You Would Rather Be Doing

Have you been craving going to that yoga class? Are you longing to catch up on weeks’ worth of your favorite shows on DVR? Write a list of all of the things you would love to start including in your schedule as well as the time commitment for each.

4. Reevaluate

Now it’s time to make some changes. Look back to what’s not working in your schedule: how can you delegate or outsource some of these things?

Now think about all of the time wasters you can eliminate all together. If you’re having a problem prying yourself off of Facebook, ask yourself why. What is Facebook giving you? Entertainment? Connection? Consider seeking those feelings from something more fulfilling.

5. Makeover Time

Now it’s time to start including all of that stuff you’ve actually been wanting to do. Fit these activities in the white space you now have thanks to eliminating the time wasters and outsourcing everything you don’t absolutely need to be doing. Choose carefully. After all, you don’t want to replace one timesuck with another.

Making a change takes time, no matter how badly you may want it. See how your new schedule is working out. Figure out what is working really well… and what needs to be adjusted. Then shift things accordingly.

Above all, make sure to be gentle with yourself. Progress always trumps perfection.


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Jordana JaffeAbout the Author: Jordana Jaffe, founder of Embarkability, is an organizing expert for entrepreneurs and helps them plan more in their business so that they can play more in their lives. Whether you need to map out your marketing plan, simplify your weekly schedule or organize your budget, Jordana helps you add ease and order to your business and life. You can find out more about Jordana on www.embarkability.com. Follow Jordana on Twitter!


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