3 Proven Hacks to Help You Job Search Smarter

funny-picture-work-smarter-not-harderYou likely began your job search methodically and with purpose.

Over time, though – as you chase down multiple leads, write multiple resumes, and as you make multiple phone calls – both your desk and brain become filled with leads and questions. Soon, you feel like you can’t neglect even the smallest task.

At this point of overwhelm, try instituting the Marine Corps maxim:

Do it, delegate it or delete it.

Why is it important to follow this rule? Not only does it instill confidence in those around you, but it also helps maintain your self-confidence. Plus, it’s hard to present your best self at an interview or coffee meeting when you are feeling nothing but stress.

Here are three hacks you can use right now using the “do, delegate or delete” mindset:

1. Hone in on Your ‘Do’ List

For job seekers, the top of your “Do” list is to follow up on all job leads. You have nothing more important to do; every lead and connection must be seen through to completion (hint: if you find yourself doing anything else… you are procrastinating).

What, specifically, are they looking for? Any info on the company — their mission, their bestselling products or their competition — can help you. The more you know, the better you can align yourself as the candidate who can further their goals, enhance their status or plug holes using your own unique skill sets and ideas.

What are your new connections working on? How can you help them? How can you build a mutually-beneficial relationship?

2. Know When and What to ‘Delegate’

Do you honestly need to invest more time reformatting your resume, updating your website and even organizing your interview wardrobe? How do these tasks connect you with the right job or organization? The fact is, they don’t.

Unless you’re a designer, resume writer or web developer, these tasks are generally best handed off to those trained in these skill sets. Not only will you give yourself time to focus on what only you can do, you’ll also end up with a far better looking document or site.

Delegate these tasks, and keep important issues like research, relationship building and follow-up for yourself.

3. ‘Delete’ the Bad (Leads, Habits and Timesucks)

Do you keep posting your resume on random job sites all over the Internet? Delete. Time spent on relationships with divas and trolls? Delete. Applications completed for jobs you don’t even want. Delete.

The ability to delete – to remove anything that is keeping you from realizing your goals – is a critical job search and career skill. The sooner you learn, the sooner you benefit.

As you can see, adopting a “Do it, delegate it or delete it” policy gives you a framework for following up and following through during your job search. This is a simple way to make sure your maximize your efforts – and end up with that perfect job.


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