Can 8 Hours of Effort Lead to a Shiny New Job? [Infographic]

If you knew that eight hours from now you could be much closer to a brand new job… how long would it take you to get started?

According to this infographic created by, by making the right changes to your jobs search tools and strategy, you can be much more employable with just 8 hours of effort. And by the “the right changes” they mean:

  • Revising your resume to reflect quantified results instead of listing assigned responsibilities
  • Sending out requests for recommendations on LinkedIn
  • Having a mentor or professional acquaintance play the role of a recruiter while you perfect your interview skills
  • And many more great job search tips, many of which can be implemented in 30 minutes or less

Take a quick look at the infographic, and then get started. In no time, you’ll be well on your way to a brand new job!


Can 8 Hours of Effort Lead to a New Job



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