Avoid These Top 5 Resume #Fails [Infographic]

As outdated as they may seem, your resume – in most cases – is what helps a recruiter or hiring manager decide to offer you a job interview, or not.

And being a cynical bunch, many of those recruiters – instead of looking for a reason to hire you – are looking for an easy way to weed out those not worthy. A big factor in that process: mistakes on your resume.

Typos? Yes. But this goes beyond just grammar and the failure to have an objective, capable person proof your resume. This goes to what recruiters today look for in every resume: keywords, customization and the avoidance of cliches, for example.

This clever infographic from FindtheRightJob.com does a great job of pointing out today’s top five resume fails. Go through all five, and see where your resume could benefit from some “bang-pow-zoom.”


FindTheRightJob-Resume-Fails-IGFor this post, YouTern thanks our friends at FindtheRightJob.com!



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