3 Online Marketing Techniques Perfect for Job Seekers

internet-marketingYou may not think that online marketing and the job hunt are similar at all. The truth is, though, that the best techniques for marketing and selling a brand online also work when you are marketing and selling… you.

To maximize your personal brand and your online presence, here are four online marketing tips you must know and understand:

Become Familiar with SEO and Keywords

Simply put, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is making your content easy to find using certain keywords. When looking for a job, there are two main ways you can use SEO to your advantage: starting your own website and using keywords on LinkedIn.

Starting your own site is a marketing tool anyone can use to present a positive image online. If you need some help getting started check out ProBlogger for free tips on how to start a professional blog. Furthermore, you can use Google’s free keyword planner to help you find search terms people use when looking for information in your field.

As for LinkedIn, pay special attention to the terms used in the job you desire and sprinkle them throughout your profile. This will make you much easier to find… and much more attractive to recruiters once they find you.

Leverage Social Media

Leveraging social media doesn’t mean you have to be everywhere at once. However, to be considered a top candidate in today’s job market you must have a consistent presence in the social media outlets recruiters regularly scope out: Google+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Make sure your content is clean, that you share valuable content relevant to industry and actively network with your followers and connections. Also, create short posts that contain the content of your resume – achievements, skills, credentials, and employers/schools – using hashtags for the keywords and establishments found in your resume. This increases the likelihood of a recruiter/hiring manager finding you and the clicking through to your LinkedIn Profile or online resume.

Build Your Own Email List

In the world of online marketing, building am email list is a great way to grow a following, network, and position your brand as a valuable resource… which makes email list building perfect for job seekers, too. What a great way to position yourself as an expert in your desired field! Mailchimp is a free service you can use to start building your own list. They also have tutorials on how to add it to your own website and create follow-ups.

Besides being a great tool to keep your contacts aware of your brand and progress, companies perk up and listen when they hear you have hundreds or thousands of followers on a list because it shows them you are trusted in your field. Additionally, it shows companies that you understand how to get contacts and network – a huge skill in the 21st Century job market.

By using these online marketing techniques during your job search, you’ll be top of mind as a recruiters search for you. Get started today, and see results tomorrow!


For this post, YouTern thanks our friends at Chameleon Resumes.


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Lisa RangelAbout the Author: Lisa Rangel is founder and managing director of Chameleon Resumes, a Forbes Top 100 Career Website, has helped hundreds of people land the exact job they wanted – even when they weren’t sure they would get an interview. Lisa is a 7-time certified resume writer and job search consultant, a former recruiter and one of the few executive resume writers performing resume and job search-related contract work for LinkedIn. She has been featured on Forbes.com, LinkedIn, Investors Business Daily, and so many more publications. Follow Lisa on Twitter!


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