What You Wish You Knew BEFORE Taking the Job [Infographic]

Maybe you’re happy in your current job, but if you are… you’re firmly in the minority.

In fact, in a recent survey 85% of workers said they are open to the idea of changing jobs. And a great many of them aren’t considering leaving for better opportunities, but to escape their current less-than-desirable working environment.

So what will be different for these unhappy careerists next time? How can they make sure their next job is a better fit at a better company? That’s where this helpful infographic from Donna Svei and Free Resume Builder comes in handy. Here, you’ll learn what research must be completed, who you should meet, and what must be done – before you can feel 100% confident that company and that position is the right career move for you.

Take a look, and then know exactly what to do before saying “yes” to a job offer that deserved a “no, thank you!”





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