Using Time Wisely? Here’s 5 Keys to a Smart Job Search

Speed Up Your Job SearchIs time on your side? Or does it seem like the clock is working against you, and your job search?

Many find time management one of the largest challenges they face during a job hunt; there just doesn’t seem to be enough a time in the day. So it’s important to manage the time you do have wisely.

To help you do that, here’s five keys to a smart (not to mention time effective) job search…

1. Do You Have a Schedule?

For many job seekers, there’s too much temptation to be spontaneous; they lack a work-like schedule in which they commit to the task at hand. Have a schedule and commit to the hours required to find work in a timely manner. Set goals for each section of the day; when those goals are completed, celebrate with a break. Then, get back to work!

2. Is Everything You Need Organized?

On your computer, organize all your prospective employers, opportunities and requirements in unique folders. Have different variations of your resume and cover letters ready, as well as a list of keywords commonly used in your industry and career choice.

So you are prepared to react to an interview opportunity quickly, have your corporate clothes, your Skype environment (what the interviewer will see when the webcam is on) and your transportation always ready. In addition, keep your phone and laptop or iPad charged.

3. Are Your Communication Lines Open?

Too many job applicants forget about this important factor in the job hunt process. After you’ve provided different ways to contact you, make sure they all are consistently available.And of course, be sure to check voice mail and email frequently; once an hour should be considered a minimum.

Also, make sure that you have arranged a professional sounding voicemail message. If you can’t answer the phone in person, that message will be your first impression.

4. Are You Maximizing Technology?

It is easy to sign up for major online job boards, but many experts see them as the least productive of all job hunting tools. Instead, focus on niche and local job boards which can be more directed to your needs and use job search engines which can compile jobs from different sites like Indeed or Simply Hired.

In addition, search social media pages by using hashtags (for example: #nowhiring) and keywords on Facebook and Twitter. And, of course, dedicate significant time on LinkedIn searching for jobs and internships, engaging in relevant LinkedIn Groups and staying up-to-date on industry trends (and job searching tips!)

5. Are You Staying Positive?

No matter how hard the job hunt gets, a negative thought is your worst enemy. Just keep moving forward, stay prepared, and keep your head up. Worrying will not do you any good. And just as important, surround yourself with those who share your positive approach. The Debbie Downers have a place in the world; your job search isn’t one of them.

Always remember, cliché as it may seem, there is great truth to the saying that good luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

Spend your rime wisely… and see how much better your job search goes for you!


For this post, YouTern thanks our friends at Ms. Career Girl!


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