Top Recruiters Reveal Their Top Job Interview Tips [Infographic]

Let’s face it: there’s a lot of different career advice out there. Even we at YouTern are occasionally (well, okay… often) confused by all the contradictory advice from career centers, blogs, so-called “experts” and especially those workforce veterans who seem to think they know everything there is to know about finding a job in 2014: our parents.

Before you decide to take Dad’s advice and go door-to-door at the office park with copies of your resume (because, as you’ve been told 112 times, that’s what worked for him in 1984!) take a look at this infographic from the largest employment site in the United Kingdom, Reed.

Reed asked hundreds of hiring managers and recruiters – who know a thing or two about job interviews – what they look for in a candidate, what faults they disliked most, and their top tips for job interviews. The results are below.

Enjoy the infographic, knowing this is the kind of advice you can really build a job interview strategy around. And then throw away that card Rolodex your father gave you; the one with the fax number to the unemployment office… because despite what Dad said, that is not “where all the jobs are!”

Top Recruiters Reveal Their Top Job Interview Tips



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