4 Ways to Make Your Summer Job Search Sizzle

stuck2We’ve always been told that searching for a job during the summer months is a bad idea. Luckily for you, that is just a myth!

So grab a cold one, go outside, break out the BBQ… and have some fun job hunting! Here are four tips sure to help you heat up your summer job search:

1. Take Advantage of More Available Activities

By the time summer rolls around, we’re all tired of networking inside dark restaurants and convention centers, so we’re naturally driven toward outside events. These events can also be casual settings, and let’s face it: chatting while chewing on a burger is a great way to make a new contact. Industry association picnics and outings, sports leagues, and community events top this long list.

Summer is a great time to network, network, and network some more. There are more opportunities to get outside, do something fun, and make great new connections while you’re at it!

Bonus tip: push your comfort zone by attending an activity outside of your typical networking event circles. These opportunities allow you to meet people outside your industry and current sphere of influence, but can still help you get access to their company and networks. Charity events, volunteer opportunities, and beach clean-ups are great places to start.

2. Gain Traction with Less Competition

In part driven by the “summer hiring is slow” myth (and also the fact that most would rather bask in the sun than job hunt), the truth is there are fewer active job seekers during the summer months.

Your reality: will you have a greater chance of your resume being sent through the online application process, and you will be able to follow-up a lot easier as the recruiter’s inbox will not be as full. This is a great opportunity to be seen as a top candidate!

3. Know that Jobs Advertised are “Real” Positions

We’ve all been burned by positions that were open as placeholders or to appease year-end budgetary needs. That’s not likely the case for positions you find during the summer months, which are often actually vacant and seeking the perfect candidate like you.

Don’t second guess the positions you find – the hiring manager is likely eager to find someone to step into their open role (perhaps so they can enjoy what’s left of their own summer). That also means that summer hiring decisions tend to move more quickly as it’s more difficult to align schedules – so interviews and follow-ups are set up with a clear sense of urgency. Of course, this means that when you see a new posting, you must act quickly!

4. Your Own Schedule Has a Bit More Flexibility

It’s summer after all – your workload, if already employed or working an internship, may have lightened up a bit. If not already working, you may find yourself taking advantage of the better weather and extended daylight hours to put in a little more time actively pursuing employment.

This flexibility, and the extra productive hours, add up to a more focused job search… take full advantage! These little moments add up – and could be the key to landing your new role.

Don’t put your job search on hold during the summer months. Let your competition sit on the beach, while you make new connections, leverage the longer hours, and get through to more employers eager to hire now!


For this post, YouTern thanks our friends at Chameleon Resumes!


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Lisa Rangel AuthorAbout the Author: Lisa Rangel is founder and managing director of Chameleon Resumes, a Forbes Top 100 Career Website, has helped hundreds of people land the exact job they wanted – even when they weren’t sure they would get an interview. Lisa is a 7-time certified resume writer and job search consultant, a former recruiter and one of the few executive resume writers performing resume and job search-related contract work for LinkedIn. She has been featured on Forbes.com, LinkedIn, Investors Business Daily, and so many more publications. Follow Lisa on Twitter.



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