30 Ways to Build the Perfect Personal Brand [Infographic]

For the young careerist fighting the economy, stiff competition, and a bit of self-doubt, presenting a strong personal brand is a must. Done well, your brand becomes a huge asset to your career. Done poorly, or wrapped in a cloud of me-too sameness, your brand becomes yet another obstacle to overcome.

Here, in what could be our favorite infographic of all time, graphic designer Yu Sheng Teo of ReferralCandy presents 30 ways to present a strong personal brand, courtesy of 37 experts life Jeff Bullas, Chris Brogan and Kim Garst.

Inspired by a post by Navid Moazzez, Yu Sheng does an amazing job of showing us just how tricky it is to build a unique brand that employers, customers and mentors will not just respect, but refer to their networks without reservation.

Take a close look, and then ask yourself: how is your unique personal brand coming along?


30 Ways to Build a Personal Brand



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