7 Traits of Highly Successful Post Grad Job Seekers

College gradIt’s summer. The time of year when recent college graduates frantically search for jobs in an economy still struggling; a scary time for many.

And yet, there are a select few who are rising to the top of the job search heap. This group of college graduates are the college seniors who’ve effortlessly landed a job already.

And chances are, you’re probably wondering what tricks they used to get ahead of their job seeking competition. So here they are: the 7 traits of highly successful post-graduation job seeker:

1. They Don’t Spend the Whole Day Applying for Jobs

Although it seems logical to shotgun as many resumes out as possible, this tactic is highly counter-productive.

Successful post-grad job seekers are strategic in their job search. They carefully research positions they know they’re qualified for and begin networking their way into the company. Post-grad job seekers also invest the time in writing a thoughtful cover letter and politely following up with employers. Although this is more time consuming, they know it is a much more effective approach then blasting a resume to every email address they can find and to every employer that is hiring.

2. They Meet Professionals Face-to-Face

In today’s society, we rely on technology to make first connections, and first impressions. And we sometimes forget the importance of shaking hands and making eye contact.

While it definitely helps to send networking emails and interact with professionals on social media, the successful job seeker understands there’s an added value when they meet a person for coffee, a lunch or at the office. They meet with industry influencers, recruiters, and anyone else with whom they share a common interest. Successful post-grad job seekers… take advantage of every opportunity they can to meet professionals face-to-face.

3. They Understand Their Job Search Weaknesses

Are you hung up on finding the perfect job? Are you overwhelmed when it comes to writing you resume? Do you freeze when even thinking about a job interview?

Successful post-grad secrets realize they aren’t the perfect candidate. They get resume help when needed. And they learn how preparation calms nerves before an interview. No matter the obstacle in front of them, when successful post-grad job seekers are stressed about their job search, they face the problem… instead of burying it.

4. They’re Not Hung Up on Negativity

When your job search doesn’t go as planned, or takes longer than you ever imagined, it can be incredibly difficult to maintain a positive attitude.

Post-grads who experience low points in their job search don’t allow it to consume the rest of their search. They realize every employer has a specific candidate in mind and sometimes you can’t always be what employers are looking for. If an interview doesn’t go as planned, they use it as an opportunity to learn how to improve for next time. With this approach, the job search won’t turn into a negative, counterproductive activity.

5. They’re Not Opposed to Doing an Internship

Especially if you’re fresh out of college and have little experience, it can be difficult to land an entry-level position right away. To compete well, you simply need more experience.

Successful post-grad job seekers realize they need to go the extra mile to land a job. If it means starting as an intern at a company and working their way up, this is the path they’re willing to take to get ahead in their careers.

6. They Don’t Give Up

There’s no predicting how long your job search will take, be it weeks, months, or even a year.

The successful job seeker, even if they’ve continuously applied for jobs for six months and haven’t had any luck, stays focused. When struggling, they reach out to their alumni networks, mentors, and friends who might be able to connect them with a job.

7. They Realize The First Job May Not Be a Dream Job

Landing your dream job after college is definitely a dream for most Millennials. Although it’d be nice to land the perfect job that fulfills your passions and provides a nice paycheck, you might not find that job for a few more years.

Successful post-grad job seekers realize finding their dream job is a journey. Just because they don’t land that dream job immediately after college doesn’t mean they give up on their long-term goals. Every young professional needs to start somewhere, which is why highly successful job seekers have an open mind when searching for that first job.

One at a time, adopt these traits of successful job seekers… and see if maybe your job search, and your attitude, doesn’t take a turn for the better.


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olivia-adamsAbout the Author: Olivia Adams is the Brand Manager at Come Recommended. She is a graduate of Ferris State University with a B.S. in public relations. Olivia has experience in content marketing, writing, social media, branding, and public relations.



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