The 10 Most Critical Work Skills in 2020 [Infographic]

Drivers of change are all around us. A globally connected world, the ability to scale a brand based on a social media post, cross cultural conversations and a new reliance on digital communication all mean we need to evolve past our industrial age educations and mindsets about work.

Welcome to the Social Age.

As a result, the skills we will be expected to wield just a few years from now – as shown in this marvelous infographic from – may look far different than they do now. How skilled are you at social intelligence? How’s your new media literacy? How good are you at virtual collaboration? These are the skills that will be most in demand, and very soon.

Take a close look at the infographic, and then think ahead: what will replace “Proficient with MS Word” and “detail oriented” on the 2020 version of your resume?





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