6 Reasons Your Job Interview Went Terribly Wrong

Some job seekers are astonished to find out that the interview in which they thought they did so well… actually went terribly wrong. They would be equally surprised to learn that many of the mistakes made during these interviews are amazingly simple, and easily avoided.

CareerBuilder recently surveyed 406 hiring managers and human resource professionals across Canada about the most common mistakes made by candidates during the interview:


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It is an understatement to say that most job candidates get the jitters when they have an interview, and many mistakes can be attributed to nerves. But, there are no excuses for inadequate preparation for this important part of the job search process. After all, when unpreparedness meets opportunity, it results in many of these interview mistakes.

Just in case you were one of the candidates who committed these interview faux pas, here is an armchair’s critique of your performance:

You Were Arrogant

There is a thin line between being confident and acting arrogant. Learn the difference.

You Were Really Never Interested in the Position

If this isn’t really the job for you, it show; often, your body language sends the wrong message, no matter what your mouth says. Remember, actions speak louder than words.

You Were Uninformed About the Company

The fact that you were clueless about the company and the role for which you were being interviewed killed your chances. Fact is: an hour  of in-depth research of the role, the company and industry would have set you apart.

You Were Texting or Taking Calls on Your Phone

Unfortunately, you couldn’t take your hands off your cell phone. Neither did you turn it off before the start of the interview. No excuses for this one; this is proper etiquette in any professional meeting, especially an interview.

You Were Inappropriately Dressed

If there was ever an opportunity to ‘dress up’, it was this one. You could’ve called to ask about the company’s dress code, or visited the location prior to the interview to observe what employees were wearing. At the very least, you could have erred on the side of “too professional.”

You Burned Bridges

While it may have boosted your confidence, or proven therapeutic, to badmouth your employers… it was not a good idea. We know this. Everybody knows this. And yet we still do it. Negative portrayals of employers and coworkers are never acceptable.

Pay close attention to these most common blunders. Do everything you can to avoid them. And your next interview just may go terribly… right!


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