10 Things Recruiters WANT You To Know About Them

Recruiting 101As corporate recruiters, we hear the misconceptions about who we are and what we do for a living. We want to set the record straight.

And since we are the ones that will ultimately be the person who decides to give you a job offer or not, so please take notes.

Here are 10 things you probably don’t know about corporate recruiters… but you should.

1. We Want The Best Person for the Job, Every Time

There’s no secret here. We have clients. Those clients are our hiring managers. We want to make sure that the person being hired will not only do the job well, but better the organization. This means you have to have the right experience, the right attitude, and be able to fit into the existing culture. If we didn’t extend you an offer, chances are you were lacking in one of these areas compared to your competition.

2. We Will Remember You

We may not remember every detail about you, but we are known for having steel trap minds. If you make an impression on us, and you don’t get the job, we will track you down when we have another opportunity. If we switch companies, we will still remember you. In addition, our personal networks are among the largest in the world… so it is in your best interest to leave a good impression.

3. We Are Not on Commission

There are a few corporate recruiters that get paid a commission, but the majority of us are base and bonus. If we place 3 people or 300, our salary is the same. Agency Recruiters and 3rd Party recruiters get paid for each person they place. We do not.

4. We Know Way More Than You Think

We have been preaching this for a long time and writing it in almost every blog we write, but it is so true. If you think you can hide something from us, think again. We network like crazy, we do extensive backgrounds, we drug test, we read blogs, and we search social media. We know or can find out, so just be honest.

5. We Can Not Change The Rules

We are employed by a company. There are policies and procedures. No matter how much we like them or dislike them, they are what they are and more often than not, we can’t do much to change them. Just play the game. Do what we ask… and you are more likely to get hired.

6. We Want to be Your Advocate

Contrary to popular belief, we never want to keep you from a hiring manager. So many applicants are encouraged to “bypass HR” – and to be honest this has us completely befuddled. If you’re a great candidate, and you’re available, why on earth would we try to come between you and the hiring manager?

7. We Want You To Partner With Us

Let’s face it – we know recruiting, and by extension sales & marketing. If a role is especially technical or outside of our area of expertise, we are going to rely on YOU to help us sell you to the hiring managers. Don’t be afraid to talk to us in layman’s terms about your accomplishments, and help us frame your candidacy in a way that the hiring manager can see how you’re the solution to their open position problem.

8. For Better or Worse, We Can Influence

Do you know why interview experts advise you to be nice to the receptionist and gatekeepers? The reason is simple: the manager may ask how you behaved in the lobby. They may want to know how you act when you aren’t in “interview mode.” Recruiters also have conversations with the ultimate decision makers; we are able to sway an on-the-fence hiring manager by encouraging them to take a chance on a candidate, or not.

9. But It’s Not Our Call

We don’t make the hiring decision. Ultimately, and unfortunately, it’s not within our power to decide who gets hired. We can facilitate introductions, persuade, and advocate for you, but the hiring decision is not ours to make. The hiring manager or a panel will make that call.

10. We Know Other Recruiters

The biggest myth of all about corporate recruiters is that we are ONLY useful when it comes time to secure a role at our current organization. Here’s the truth: one of the first things we do when we have a new role is tap our network. Our network is full of other recruiters we know and trust. We do talk to each other… daily. So the more of us that get to know you as a top candidate, the better chance of getting hired. At our company, or not.

If you get nothing else from this post, please remember this: despite all the myths and misconceptions, we truly want to see you succeed. Help us do that… by working with us.


For this post, YouTern thanks Bulls Eye Recruiting, Will Thomson and Amy Ala!


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