How is Gen Y Doing in Today’s Job Market? [Infographic]

Exactly how hard is it for Gen Y to find a good job? And by good, we mean: one that pays well, takes full advantage of their education and provides fulfilling work?

Thanks to News To Live By and Business Insider, who surveyed over 500 Millennials in the US, we now have real answers to these questions:

  • 16% of surveyed Millennials could not find a job after 6 months
  • 44% said their first job did NOT require a college degree
  • 37% decided to leave their job within two years

Take a closer look at the survey results in this infographic and see how you, your job search and your career compare to other Millennials in today’s job market:


BI_MillennialJobs_infographic_final (1)






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