How the Tech Savvy Search for Work in 2014 [Infographic]

The job seeking world, like most everything in the Social Age, has gone mobile. Led by Millennials, today’s job seekers expect to find and apply for jobs, network and communicate with employers all from their iPhones or Androids.

Consider these statistics from our friends at Jobvite:

  • 43% of job seekers are using mobile devices to find jobs or internships
  • 27% look for work, network and check email just before going to bed and just as they get up in the morning
  • 18 to 29 year old job seekers are 2x more likely to look for work on their mobile device than an iPad, laptop or desktop

As a 21st Century job seeker, then, the questions you must ask yourself are: how and when are you looking for work? And, perhaps more important, are you keeping up with your increasingly mobile job seeking competition?

For the answers to those questions and more, check out Jobvite’s infographic, “The Mobile Job Seeker: How the Tech Savvy Seek Work in 2014″…

The Mobile Job Seeker






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