5 Unique Ways To Get Get Noticed – and Hired!

bbAs many have learned, being a job seeker in today’s workforce is a challenge.

Unlike the heyday of Monster.com, where all a job seeker had to do is hit the ‘Apply Now’ button, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to help job seekers land a job. In fact, if you want to be a standout job seeker today, you have to go above and beyond to even appear on the radar of most employers.

To help you reach that lofty “above and beyond” status, here are five tips to help you stand out during your job search:

1. Be of Service to Your Industry

While everyone else is applying for jobs, networking and pounding social media, savvy careerists spend time serving their industry well. They contribute to Twitter chats, share content in LinkedIn Groups, volunteer for industry associations, and so much more.

Job seekers who consistently demonstrate their dedication to their industry are the ones who land jobs. Employers love to see that you’re putting in the effort, how you work to make a contribution to your given industry and how you can make an impact within their organization.

2. Become an Industry Trendsetter

Employers are all about gaining and maintaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace. When you become part of that advantage, you become highly employable.

Ask for advice from colleagues, mentors, and professionals for their opinions on the future of your industry. Study new technologies and solutions. Learn as much as you can about, and follow, influencers within the industry. Read and comment on blogs that specialize in your industry, and set up Google Alerts so new articles are delivered to your inbox. As you apply for jobs, a great way to stand out is to show employers you aren’t just capable of doing the job, you’re an industry trendsetter.

3. Understand the Position of the Employer You’re Targeting

When researching employers, make sure you know the culture of each company. Read through their mission statement and company values; don’t just know what they do – know why they do it. Take a look at their social media accounts and what employees say on Glassdoor about working there.

This information will give you a better idea of who the company is and how you can market your talents, personal mission and career goals to fit their mold. This will also enable you to answer questions during the job interview in a far more confident manner.

4. Be Versatile

Many employers like hiring employees who are Jacks- or Janes-of-all-trades; they like to see some versatility. Not only does this make the on-boarding and training process easier for employers, versatile employees are known for contributing more to the organization.

As you do your research, learn about every skill required to excel in that role. If there are skills you don’t yet have, and when you identify skills in high demand at that organization, strive to learn those skills. Examples of sought-after skills might include Photoshop, project management, social media, relationship building and light coding  each of which, when mastered, puts you well ahead of the competition.

5. Pay Close Attention to Feedback

Whether it’s advice you receive from a colleague or mentor or even when getting turned down by an employer use the feedback offered as a way to improve your image as a professional. Positive and negative feedback is critical to professional development and will make you a better individual.

Specifically when searching for jobs, receiving feedback on your job search tactics, resume, or cover letter can help you get ahead. Each bit of advice can make the next application and interview that much better, so be sure to ask for advice from the recruiters and hiring managers you meet. Their words, and their mentorship, are gold!

We all know jobs aren’t easy to come by. Serve your industry well, network with the right people, understand the mission of potential employers, and highlight (and constantly improve) your best qualities. You’ll not only get noticed… you will get hired!





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