The Power of First Impressions: Did You Earn a Second Look?

So much work goes into getting a job interview. The resume must be perfect. Your online presence must be free of all red flags. And your personal brand must closely match the culture of the company.

And quicker than a recruiter can think “Next!” all that work is for naught… because in the first 90 seconds of that hard-earned job interview you failed to make a great first impression.

This infographic from Davitt shows us the power of first impressions, how those first impressions are formed, how body language and non-verbal communications impact how a recruiter or hiring manage may judge you, and so much more.

Take a look… and then think about how the first 90 seconds of your last job interview went. What can you do better? What might have gone wrong? Most important: How can you use this information to create a better first impression at your next interview?


Power of First ImpressionsTes






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