The Best (and Worst) College Majors for Summer 2014

So much goes into choosing a major. Our passions and aptitudes, input from parents and mentors, and career options once you’ve earned that degree such as:

  • Which majors do employers look for most?
  • For my career choice, will it be difficult to find a job?
  • Within my career field, where are the most jobs located?

For the answers to the career side of the decision-making process, we present this terrific infographic from H&R Block. Here, you’ll see the most in-demand college majors, those majors where recent grads currently struggle a bit to find work, the top occupations today, and so much more.

If you’re just starting to choose your major, or are considering a change, this graphic just may help you make the right decision for your future. What combination of your aptitudes, passions and education will best enable you to carve out a great career?

If you’ve recently graduated and are looking for work, this infographic is invaluable. Take an objective look at your future career: Where can you best put your degree to work? Will you now expand your search to industries you hadn’t previously considered? To new positions and new cities?

Take a look… we think you’ll agree this is an eye-opening (and mind-opening) infographic!








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