Among All the Corporate Clones: 4 Ways to Become Memorable

y2Back in October, one of my friends was getting married. So naturally, we did what most people do these days and we went on an epic bachelorette cruise. (These days, I’m totally an old person and I don’t do anything crazy like that.)

Because my friend is kind of amazing, that weekend I made an exception.

So we got a group of crazy rowdy women together and we partied. We drank and we ate and we all wore wigs on captain’s night. (And for the record…I LOVED my purple bob wig.)

So did this group of friends-in-wigs get everyone’s attention? Did everyone remember us?

Yes! We were definitely… memorable.

So this got me thinking about how hard we all try to be noticed. I mean, especially in our careers, we’re taught that we need to be remembered. We’re taught that we need to make an impact.

We’re encouraged to attend networking events

We’re encouraged to mingle…

We’re encouraged to build relationships…

And what for??

To be noticed. To be memorable. So that if opportunities become available, others will think of us and then BAM… we have jobs.

Sounds simple enough, right? But how do we do that? How do we make ourselves memorable? (Um…sure, you can show up to a work event wearing a purple bob wig… good luck with that.)

Or, you can try one of the following…

Be Positive

Sad fact of life…there aren’t a lot of positive people in this world. Most spend their days complaining and whining and they’re like giant balls of negativity. And you know what??? No one likes to be around those people… no one! Really, it’s exhausting. So try to be that ray of sunshine (super corny, but I don’t care). Be positive.

Be that person that people want to be around because you’re just so damn happy.

Because that happiness rubs off on other people. And believe me, people can use all the happiness they can get. I promise, you’ll be remembered for it.

Be Genuine

I hate fake people. I hate fake people. I hate fake people. I hate fake people…

Got it? Awesome. If you haven’t noticed already, you’ll find that sooooo many people put up a front all the time. They don’t know how to be themselves. ESPECIALLY at work. ESPECIALLY at networking events. It’s almost like half the world got a copy of some handbook on how to act in the workplace and I was absent the day they gave them out.

Excerpt from that handbook: “Use big words…don’t laugh…don’t make jokes…act like a robot.”

But who the heck likes that? Don’t think for a second that you have to be a corporate robot in order to succeed in your career.

If you’re honest and you’re yourself, people will notice… because it’s rare, and it’s super refreshing.

Be Helpful

I have a terrible memory. Like, really bad.

But there are certain people who I never forget, and most of them are people who’ve helped me in the past.

Mentors who’ve steered me in the right direction… school advisors who’ve given me great advice…my friend who stayed up with me till 3am so I could vent about my break up. Those are the people you often remember. Honestly, you should help people not because you want to be remembered, but because you’re a nice person and it’s the right thing to do. But being remembered is a happy side effect.

Become an Expert

You want to get noticed? Become the go-to person in any field.

Even if it means you’re the expert photocopier. You know how to print copies in color. You know how to print copies front and back. You know how to print copies upside down left to right, and you even know how to staple them. People remember the experts. And next time they need help, who will they remember? You!

So pick something you’re really good at. Learn absolutely everything you can. Then share. You’ll be remembered.

Don’t just network… be remembered. Don’t just show up for work… be memorable in the way you get the job done. Be different. People notice. No purple bob wig required.

Anyone else have any advice?! How do you make yourself memorable?





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Kayla-AuthorAbout the Author: Kayla Cruz graduated college at the age of 20 with a degree in Health Services Administration. She is currently working as a Regulatory Coordinator in Clinical Research while pursuing a Master’s Degree in Public Administration specializing in Human Resources. She has found she’s most passionate about helping young professionals navigate through their first few years as GenYers in the workforce. Follow Kayla onTwitter!



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