Student Special: The Top 4 Peer-to-Peer Learning Solutions

Peer-to-Peer LearningAs many students have learned, some educators have a difficult time teaching to their pupils’ level of  understanding; it’s difficult for a career professor to think back to a time before they knew how to do the basics. For many students, this creates a difficult learning environment.

In addition, higher education seems to lack the resources necessary to cater to the needs of individual students; you too may feel like you’re floating on your own in the academic sea.

To get a personalized learning approach, consider leveraging the power of the crowd… just like Wikipedia and Youtube leverage content.

After all, who can you relate to better than your just-been-there-done-that peers? Those peers who started on your level, went through the process (sometimes using trial and error), and now thoroughly understand the topic? Those peers can reach down (metaphorically of course), grab your hand, and pull you up to their level.

This is where online peer-to-peer learning solutions come in. And to help you leap into peer-to-peer learning – and enable you to use these new tools that help you succeed in school – here are four of the best peer-focused online learning solutions:

1. InstaEdu

One of our favorites. Simple and straightforward – InstaEdu provides a new spin to tutoring. Need help right now? No need to wait and see your tutor at the end of the week. Just hop-on to for an instant tutoring session. It’s affordable, awesome…and most importantly – available immediately!


2. StudySoup

Founded in 2012, StudySoup is a peer to peer marketplace that gives college students an opportunity to make money by selling study guides and lectures notes online to their classmates. StudySoup provides elite note takers with a platform to create, upload and connect with their classmates. Top students are making $1k+ selling their study guides and more.

They’ve also opened their toolset for educators to create, curate and sell course resources used in the classroom.


StudySoup Elite Notetaker Study Materials

3. LessonPaths

Remember those cool playlists you used to make on iTunes? “Summer Jams ’97″, “Techno Workout Jamz”…etc. Well imagine making an awesome playlist with the best videos and content out there to teach yourself how to bake an Apple Pie, or better yet, how do learn the Pythagorean Theorem. The functionality is basic, but the value it huge! Imagine all of those awesome educators out there all giving you their secrets to education…for free. That’s what you get with LessonPaths (used to be Mentor Mob).


Learn to Play the Guitar with LessonPaths

4. Quizlet

This is one of our favorite applications. Crowdsourced flashcards and study materials for anyone, anywhere. People in middle school, high school, college and more love this tool which allows you to create flashcards to test yourself and share with others. You can find anything on Quizlet, including a super awesome test on the history of Beer. Yes Beer!

What have we missed? What are you favorite peer-to-peer learning tools? Let us know!






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