In 5 Steps: THIS is How You Get Hired

work harderYou can also imagine that landing a job with a company such as LinkedIn means there is a ton of competition. Yet Lillian Chen fought her way to the top… and won the job.

So how did this job seeker do it? What was the secret to success?

LinkedIn recently featured a story written by Lillian, a transfer from the consumer goods to the technology industry. In case you missed this incredible, yet so simple tale of success, let me highlight the key take-aways for you.

1. Lillian Figured Out She Really Wanted to Work at LinkedIn

She talked to mentors and did a lot of self-analysis. These were the questions she answered:

  • What do I want to do next?
  • Why do I want a different role?
  • How does a chemistry degree relate to the skills needed for what I want to do next?
  • How will I transition from working in a consumer goods company to a tech company?

2. She Researched the Company Before Reaching Out

The type of research, in Lillian’s words:

  • I researched the company page and watched their videos on cultural fit and transformation
  • I chose a job posting that I wanted to apply for.
  • I read their company blog.
  • I read a few articles by LinkedIn Influencers
  • For years, I was also an avid fan of Pulse, their mobile app that aggregates news from all over the web and had started using the LinkedIn platform to read status updates and articles.

3. She Connected With a Current Employee at LinkedIn

Before applying, Lillian reached out to an employee at the company via LinkedIn. She didn’t have any first-degree connections, so she used In-Mail and got a very helpful response from the employee!

4. She Was Brave Enough to Ask

After taking the necessary time to build a relationship with her new contact at LinkedIn, Lillian took a risk: She asked to be referred and connected to the hiring manager.

5. Lillian Got the Offer

After some time had passed, all of Lillian’s effort paid off. Her passion paved the way to a great interview, and she was hired by LinkedIn.

Lillian’s story is unique in that she put in some serious effort to prove she was interested in the job. And in today’s job market, effort is what it’s all about!

In his post “The One Trait That Guarantees A Good Hire,” Jason Fried, the Founder and CEO of Basecamp, explains how he identifies the right candidate for a job:

It’s effort. I hire people on the basis of the effort they put into getting the job.”

He adds: “Never underestimate the power of extra effort. It’s not taught in school. It’s not mentioned on resumes. But it’s the one thing a candidate can offer to really stand out — and a powerful thing employers can for to identify a great hire.”

If you want to get hired, emulate Lillian’s work focus, work ethic, perseverence and courage. In today’s competitive workplace… THIS is how you get hired!





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