3 Books New Grads Must Read Before Job Hunting

Graduation is right around the corner. It is time to find your first job.

Successful job search skills must be learned, sometimes the hard way. And like most skills, mastery takes time. To shorten the time it might take for you to find work, I’m showcasing three books written specifically to help the new graduate enter the workforce after graduation.

Resume Writing Made Fun & Easy

Resume Coloring BookYes, this looks simple and fun! But don’t let the crayons fool you! The Resume Coloring Book is packed with very strategic tips and ideas to get your resume and cover letter noticed.

Lea generously sent me a copy to check out and honestly, I loved how it walks you through the steps of building a great resume. The color-coded sections make the process easy to follow and is great for the visual learner! Her process and tips will help any student step out of the box of boring, hum-drum resumes and cover letters! This would make a great gift for a high school senior or even college graduate!

Here’s what you get:

  • 6 simple colored blocks that will get you a confidence building resume!
  • 3-sentence formula for a great professional summary that keeps your reader engaged.
  • How to develop one sentence to make your core competencies jump off the page.
  • How to find and use keywords that will magnetize employers!
  • A simple 3-step formula for writing resume sentences that you’ll feel proud to put on your resume.
  • How to customize your resume so that it speaks directly to the employer you want to attract!
  • No more list of “tasks” on your resume! How to showcase your experience with strong, quantitative evidence instead.
  • Figure out where exactly to put your education credentials

Plus More Valuable Personal Marketing Tools:

  • Templates for your cover letter, so that it has the look and feel of your newly beautified resume. (P.S. It won’t hurt your head to write it, either!)
  • Matching template for your Professional References, so they’re ready to leave when you really want the job, and when the employer is ready to check you out!
  • Template for your Interview Leave Behind, which shows the employer how exactly you are a perfect match for the talent they need and helps you close the deal!

Go ahead, order one today! (disclosure: this is an affiliate link).

Martin Yate’s Has a Book You Don’t Want To Miss

His book, Knock Em Dead Secrets & Strategies for First-Time Job Seekers is perfect for college students, recent graduates, emerging professionals and anyone who wants to get their career started on the right foot.

Click here to download. (A little self-promotional disclaimer: I contributed to this book!)

My Unemployed Life by Carlos Gil

Unemployed LifeCarlos’ story is real and sadly, too common. But he turned his job search around and shares his story to help inspire and motivate others!

To see what Carlos recommends for job seekers today, you can read his post 10 Tips to Help You Find a Job In 2014.

If you are interested in learning from his experience and how he dug his way out, check out this page to support his work and get a copy of this insightful book.

Job search is not intuitive… and is much more difficult than most imagine. Don’t let “lack of knowledge” slow down your job search. Grab a copy of these books, learn from these “been-there-done-that” experts, and start mastering new job search skills today!





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