What Does the Social Job Seeker Look Like in 2014?

Every year since 2010, Jobvite has conducted a survey centered around social media and networking trends among job seekers. Their 2014 results reveal some interesting data points:

  • Competition not as tough? In 2013 69% of all job seekers were open to a new job; in 2014, that number has dipped to 51%
  • Referrals are royalty? 40% of job seekers have found their “best” job through personal connections, while 62% of recruiters rate referrals as their No. 1 source of high-quality candidates
  • Female college students winning? The survey found that 68% of “social job seekers” have at least some college and an amazing 70% are females (c’mon guys!)
  • Facebook not “personal”? 76% of those social job seekers found their current gig on Facebook (yes, Facebook!)

As you begin or continue the search for your summer gig, take a look – and see how you stack up to your social job seeking competition.


JobVite 2014 Job Seeker Survey






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