The Amazing LinkedIn Resources You’re Not Using Yet (But Should Be!)

We keep hearing that 94% of recruiters are using LinkedIn. Did you know, though, that just 36% of job seekers report they are on LinkedIn? And the numbers get even worse…

The simple fact is that very few students, soon-to-be graduates and those establishing their early careers take full advantage of all the amazing resources available on LinkedIn. It’s time to bridge the gap. It’s time to get more young college students and job seekers jump on LinkedIn!

To help get you started, I want you to know about the tools that help educate and inform new job seekers on how to get the most from LinkedIn.


LinkedIn Resources for Students

Students: Do you need help creating your “brand” or pimping your profile? How about how to network? You’ll find tip sheets and videos and more here!


LinkedIn Resources for Students 600


LinkedIn for Job and Internship Seekers

LinkedIn has webinars on how to use their tool for job and internship searches. You normally have to dig deep to find them because they are located within the Premium user portion… but I’m happy to provide the link to the no-cost live and pre-recorded webinars like these:

In addition to the webinars, check out this amazing tip sheet for those looking for their next role:


LinkedIn Resources Checklist 600


And there are more ideas and resources for getting noticed, getting connected and getting ahead here.


LinkedIn Resources for Students II 600


In addition, by working with your on-campus career services office, you can leverage even more tools designed just for students and young professionals:

LinkedIn Resources for Career Services

If you are a college or university career services office, you’ll want to know about this page on LinkedIn: University. There, you will find tip sheets, videos and customizable presentations for both career services and students to use. This is page provides help on how to help students get the most from LinkedIn (and the career services department, too).


LinkedIn Resources for Career Centers 600


LinkedIn Resources for Alumni

The LinkedIn alumni tool is very cool. You can see where alumni live, work and their titles:


LinkedIn Resources Alumni Tool 600


LinkedIn is a tremendous resource that very few students, recent graduates and young professionals leverage while building their careers. Dive deep into the resources available to you, and your career center, and gain a significant advantage over your competition!





For this post, YouTern thanks our friends at Career Sherpa!


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