Passing the 90-Second Test: 34 Tips for Your Next Job Interview

In a survey of more than two thousand recruiters, one-third reported that they knew – within 90 seconds – whether they were going to hire that candidate, or not.

90 seconds.

What are recruiters looking for in that minute-and-a-half? Here are some important data points from an infographic from that shows exactly what can make or break your opportunity to impress a recruiter quickly:

  • The way you dress, act and walk through the door (55%)
  • The quality of your voice, grammar and confidence (38%)
  • The tendency to be overly-fashionable or trendy (70%)

Take a look at this fun infographic, which contains 34 tips for your next job interview. Then adjust your job interview strategy – from how you dress to how you articulate your relevant work experience – so you can pass the 90-second test!









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