3 Proven Tips to Help You Build Job Search Momentum

MomentumYou may be familiar with the snowball effect. Or the expression about rolling stones gathering no moss. We all know the value of building momentum in sports, or even business.

But what does momentum look like in a job search? And how do you build it? Networking is a huge benefit, of course. And the “give before you take” strategy works wonders. But everyone has heard that advice. So how you really stand out?

Here are some ideas to build real momentum in your job search:

1. Become a Person of Influence

Regardless of your career choice, you have developed some level of expertise – and a unique perspective on how you would solve the problems faced by a company or industry. Now the question is: How can you use your subject matter expertise to educate others… and at the same time, establish a reason for others to want to spend time with you?

The answer is blogging, or at least commenting. Start a blog to display your expertise. Or write a guest post for a blog that talks about the subject you care most about. Not ready to be a blogger? Comment on the blogs of others until you establish confidence. Another alternative: Create a presentation on your expert area and offer it to networking or industry groups in your community. Each of these tactics will enable you to be perceived as a person of interest… and not just another candidate.

2. Be Visible

You don’t build momentum sitting at home. You can’t shake someone’s hand by spending 100% of your time beating up the job boards or scouring LinkedIn. You do it by being an active participant, both offline and online.

At local events, conferences and meet-ups, you have the opportunity to display your brand to others. In social media, through Twitter chats, LinkedIn groups and G+ communities, you can introduce new friends to your expertise and career goals. Use a Twitter daily checklist to follow and connect with other influencers. Like the Facebook page of your target companies. And use status updates or events on LinkedIn to let people see your activity, plans today and in the coming weeks.

3. Have a Purpose and a Plan

One of the biggest mistake you can make: operating a job search without a plan. Second biggest mistake: Not sharing that plan with others who can help.

Without a plan, you are impulsive, inefficient and relying on hopes or dreams. Establishing specific objectives each and every week builds confidence and purpose. Figure out whom you really need to meet and build a plan to go make it happen. Join or start an accountability group so that others can keep you honest. Then share your plan, with everyone who will listen. If they don’t understand your goals… they can’t help you achieve them.

These three little “snowballs” will help create momentum in your job search. Each week, as your job search starts to gain speed, they’ll get bigger. As they do, your confidence will grow. And you will bring a more positive attitude to each and every interaction you have with the hiring community.

After all, like in sports and business, deliberately creating momentum in your job search is a very good thing.





For this post, YouTern thanks our friends at Tim’s Strategy!


Tim_AuthorAbout the Author: Tim Tyrell-Smith is a career, marketing, branding and strategy coach focusing on small business, non-profits and individuals. A veteran executive in consumer marketing, Tim spent 23 years growing premium brands including Nestle Quik, Mauna Loa Macadamias and Meguiar’s Car Wax. Follow Tim on Twitter at @TimsStrategy.



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