#60Day Challenge, Day 26: Strengths and Weaknesses

#60Day Day 26 of 60Days 22 to 25 of the #60Day Challenge were, well, a challenge. Today, we’ll take it a bit easier. All we ask today is that you go through your social media profiles, resume and cover letter while asking yourself a single question…

Over the past 4 days and 4 tasks, you’ve identified the skills you’ll need for the internship or job you’ve chosen to pursue. You’ve discovered which of those skills you have now – and how to sell those skills. Just as important, you recognized the skills you lack now – and developed a plan to acquire them. Finally, for those required skills you simply can’t obtain right away, you have a ready-made answer that will address any negative reaction by a recruiter – and keep you firmly in contention for the position you seek.

In other words: you now have a clear idea of your personal strengths and weaknesses.

This is a critical step for any job seeker. The fact is, very few candidates are this self-aware. They go in guns-a-blazin’ thinking they are hot sh*t – and, instead, find out they are a hot mess. They have no clue how their strengths will help solve the problem faced by the employer; they have no idea how badly their weaknesses will negatively impact their candidacy.

Not you. You are fully aware. Advantage: you.

But wait… not so fast…

Days 22 to 25 helped you reach an important stage in your quest for employability. But you aren’t done yet. Now, you have to go through your branding materials, online and offline, and ensure that when a recruiter finds you that your strengths are readily obvious – and your weaknesses are sufficiently hidden (at least until you’ve had a chance to talk with the recruiter in-person).

Thankfully, this task is simpler than it sounds. Because at this point, we aren’t looking to do a complete overhaul of your career collateral (that will come later in the challenge). Today, we’re just doing a bit of a sanity check. So for now, simply take a close look at your LinkedIn summary, resume and cover letter and ask yourself one question:

Does my current branding highlight my strengths and counter my weaknesses?

That’s it. Your only job today is to determine (and highlight for later use):

  • How many of your strengths are front and center where they should be
  • Which marketable strengths somehow got buried in all the blah, blah, blah
  • How many weaknesses have popped up to the top (which is likely going to put you in a poor position come interview time)

The branding process here is simple: sell what you are good at; minimize what you are not good at (yet).

Save your notes on this for later. You are most certainly going to need them as we begin to help your branding elements sell the employable you!






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