How to Put a Positive Attitude to Work in Your Job Search

Positive Attitude and Job SearchJob search, not unlike moving to a new town alone, is  often disconcerting… even frightening. For many, attempts to find work can turn confidence into insecurity, and shift calmness into anger and patience into pushiness.

Fortunately, many have found ways to positively channel this anxiety and energy. They have propelled their search—and with it, their attitude—forward. See if these five tips help you do the same:

1. Create a Resume that Combines Marketing Muscle and Humility

Tell a rich story that highlights the measurable results you achieved as an army of one, and also includes the colorful relationship threads you wove throughout your career-so-far. When written well, you hook the reader with a relatable, yet exhilarating theme and win them over with your likeability and problem solving finesse. You prove yourself as both a decisive leader and a collaborative partner.

2. Join the Conversation on Social Media

When you read someone’s blog, comment, and then tweet or share that content you add value and positivity to the conversation. In the process, you humbly show others that you learned something you did not know before.

In the process, don’t permit your anxiety from job search to spill over into anger, negativity, insults and/or know-it-all attitudes on blogging sites, Twitter conversations or Facebook exchanges. If you do find yourself swaying toward off-putting online sharing, seek out a healthier outlet, such as exercise or spending time with good friends who will be private sounding boards for your angst.

3. Netweave Your Way Into Referrals and Opportunities

A cliche now, but so true: Give first and don’t expect something in return. Share your value in a way that demonstrates your talents, and articulate your target goals in a way that equips your network to know why, how and when to refer you to others.

Don’t push people for networking referrals or job recommendations, but if an opportunity presents itself, act upon it quickly. When someone makes an introduction: follow up, even if you aren’t 100% convinced you are see the value yet. Exude respectfulness and a dash of humility, consistently.

4. Stay Focused on Your Goals

Even if you aren’t certain of your focus, go out and find it. Read career advice content while remaining introspective. In job search, knowing what type of company, industry and job you seek is extremely vital to a healthy outcome, so seek out help from others who can objectively support your initiative to zero in on a specific target audience and their needs.

While the process of finding a job may frustrate you because it seems like yet another job, embracing that process can actually help convert those negative feelings into momentum. Embracing the process exudes itself in positivity and a more humbly confident attitude than carrying a chip on your shoulder.

5. Realize and Embrace Your Value

Whether you have a track record of one year, five years or 25 years work experience, value yourself and the experience and skills you offer. No matter how great you percieve your credentials, don’t allow yourself to become arrogant. We all experience interdependence at different phases of our careers and lives, and the job search often brings the most independent, even arrogant, personalities to their humble knees.

Become more comfortable with being uncomfortable. Similar to moving into a new town where you know no one, consistently put on your most pleasant “face” while getting acclimated. Say “thank you” regularly.

Put a positive attitude to work in your job search… and move your career forward!






JacquiAbout the Author: Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter is a Glassdoor career and workplace expert, chief career writer and partner with CareerTrend, and is one of only 28 Master Resume Writers (MRW) globally. An intuitive researcher, she helps professionals unearth compelling career story details to help best present their unique experience, skillset and interests in resumes and social media profiles.

In addition Jacqui has written for the Career Management Alliance Connection monthly newsletter and blog, ExecuNet’s Career Smart Advisor, The Kansas City Star, The Business Journal and The Wall Street Journal. In addition, she and her husband, “Sailor Rob,” host a lively careers-focused blog. Jacqui also is a power Twitter user listed on several “Best People to Follow” lists for job seekers. Follow Jacqui on Twitter!



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